Astrology: 30 Years of Research

By: Doane, Doris Chase

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No marks or writing observed in text. Binding tight and square. Gently read. . .. . . . . . . . TABLE OF CONTNETS: 1.) Astrological Combinations -- 2.) Astrology vs. Fortune-Telling -- 3.) Astrological Research Reports -- 4.) Preliminary Astrological Research -- 5.) Calculation of the Chart -- 6.) Research Department Tables -- 7.) Stellar Dynamics -- 8.) Case History Study -- 9.) Glossary -- * INDEX . . . . . . . . . . . . .. This is a classic of sorts, at least for anyone who has studied astrology and followed some of the earlier 20th century writings of, for example, Noel Tyl, the Rosicrucians, and so on. It is, however, more than a trifle dated and the findings are somewhat nebulous. It's a statistical analysis of charts under a variety of categories including occupations (professions), events (success, marriage, divorce, employment) and so on. But the results are at best vague, and you really need the benefit of a specific chart and secondary progressions to draw insightful conclusions. And the basic formula -- secondary progressions (a day after birth represents the first year of life, and so forth) and tertiary progressions (a lunar month after birth equals one year of life) -- well, at least the basic conclusion that tertiary progressions (in this reviewer's mind, a complete waste of time and energy) must support the secondary progressions to activate life events is highly questionable. To those who are serious in their pursuit of the insights of astrology, Google 'magi astrology' or see if you can locate any of the Magi Astrology books, and look for some of the more recent, solid introductions to the subject. Better still, have your own chart calculated (Astrodienst and a number of other websites will do this for free if you input your birth data and will even perform secondary progressions which are, to this reader's mind, extremely important). For those skeptical of astrology, see 'Cosmic Patterns: Their Influence on Man and His Communication' by J. H. Nelson, a shortwave radio propagation analyst who worked for RCA and studied the aspect patterns of the planets over a period of many years, arriving at the conclusion that these patterns influenced solar activity which in turn disrupted shortwave radio signals on earth. This is very much in keeping with what astrologers have asserted for thousands of years -- that planetary aspects influence terrestrial events.

Title: Astrology: 30 Years of Research

Author Name: Doane, Doris Chase

Categories: Astrology,

Publisher: The Church of Light: 1956


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Book Condition: Used - Very Good

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