Mary Co-redemptrix: A Response to 7 Common Objections

By: Dr. Mark Miravalle

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May have name and on inside front cover. No apparent marks or writing observed in text. Binding tight and square. Gently read. . . . . . . . . . . . .TOC: OBJECTION 1: Calling Mary a 'Co-redemptrix' places her on an equal level with Jesus Christ, the Divine Son of God, making her something like a fourth person of the Trinity, a goddess or quasi-divine goddess, which is blasphemy for any true Christian. ------------- OBJECTION 2: Calling the Blessed Virgin Mary 'Co­redemptrix' is against proper Christian ecumenism, as it leads to division between Catholics and other Christians. ------------- OBJECTION 3: Calling the Mother of Jesus 'Co-redemptrix' or her subsequent role as 'Mediatrix' implies a role of mediation by someone other than Jesus Christ, but scripture plainly states in 1 Timothy 2:5 that 'there is one God and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus', and therefore no creature can rightly be a mediator. ------------- OBJECTION 4: To call Mary a co-redemptrix or to call Christians in general “co-redeemers” is to have a human being actively participate in redemption, which is a divine or, more specifically, a “theandric” activity, accomplished by Jesus Christ in his divine and human natures alone, and thus forbidden by Christianity. Such would only encourage paganism, since it places a human person, Mary, as part of a divine redemptive action which only Jesus Christ can accomplish. ------------- OBJECTION 5: The idea of Mary as Co-redemptrix and the teaching of Marian co-redemption is a pious belief held by some devotional Catholics, but is not a doctrinal teaching of the Catholic Church. It is found only in minor papal texts and is neither officially taught by the Magisterium, nor is doctrinally present in the teachings of the Second Vatican Council. ------------- OBJECTION 6: On a more speculative theological level, it appears that Mary cannot participate in the acquisition of the graces of redemption—or “objective redemption”—as the Co-redemptrix when she herself needed to be redeemed. If she did cooperate in objective redemption, it is because without her, objective redemption has not been accomplished. But if objective redemption has indeed not been accomplished, then she herself cannot benefit from it personally. This would be to accept that at the same time objective redemption is in the act of being accomplished and has already been accomplished, which would be a contradiction. ------------- OBJECTION 7: While granting the legitimacy of Mary Co-redemptrix and its corresponding doctrine of co-redemption, there are no substantial reasons or fruits for its papal definition at this time, and in fact such a definition would cause serious division within the Church.

Title: Mary Co-redemptrix: A Response to 7 Common Objections

Author Name: Dr. Mark Miravalle

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Publisher: Queenship Publishing: 2001

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