A Christian Vision Series (8 Volume Set) - Man in Society / Man and Morality / Man and Mind / Man and State / Man and Marxism / Man and Creation / Morality and the Marketplace / God and Man

By: Editors-Michael Bauman, Lissa Roche, Thomas J. Burke,Lynne Morris; Forward-George Roche

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8 Volume Set (Complete). 5 volumes have previous owner's name and green mark on inside front cover. No marks or writing observed in text. Bindings tight and square. ........................ Papers delivered at Hillsdale College and published between 1984 and 1995. ...TOC: .................Vol. 1.) Man in society xviii, 150 pages ; 23 cm. Contents: The crisis of modern learning / Carl F.H. Henry -- Mere Christianity / Thomas Howard -- God and man's science / Stanley L. Jaki -- Augustine's political philosophy? / Gerhart Niemeyer -- A covenant theory of personality / Paul C. Vitz -- A Christian view of man / James Packer -- Christian studies and liberal arts / Thomas J. Burke ................ Vol. 2) Man and morality xviii, 174 pages ; 23 cm. Contents: Foreword / George Roche -- Introduction / Thomas J. Burke -- The God of the Bible and moral foundations / Carl F.H. Henry -- The fundamental principles of Biblical ethics / Thomas J. Burke -- The existentialist challenge to Christian values : sheer freedom or shaped faith? / John S. Reist, Jr. -- Meaning and morality : analytic ethics in the twentieth century / Keith Yandell -- Political-economic freedom and the Biblical ethic / Ronald H. Nash -- Market and money in Jewish and Christian thought in the Hellenistic and Roman ages / Leonard Liggio -- Catholic social thought, verdure and public morality / J. Brian Benestad -- Catholics and evangelicals : a new era? / James Hitchcock................. Vol. 3) Man and mind : a Christian theory of personality xvi, 230 pages ; 23 cm. Contents: Psychology, theology, and the liberal arts : toward the unity of knowledge / Thomas J. Burke -- Personality theories : what questions are we trying to answer? / Stephen R. Briggs -- Has modern psychology secularized religion? / Mary Vander Goot -- Secular personality theories : a critical analysis / Paul C. Vitz -- The mystery of human nature / Charles Ransford -- Philosophy, faith, and personality theory / Merold Westphal -- Why secular psychology is not enough / William Kirk Kilpatrick -- Telling the truth : a biblical view of personality / John S. Reist, Jr. -- Personality theorizing within a Christian world view / Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen -- A Christian theory of personality : covenant theory / Paul C. Vitz................. Vol 4.) Man and state : religion, society, and the Constitution ix, 150 pages ; 23 cm. Contents: America's constitutional covenant / David L. Llewelyn, Jr. -- Conservatism, religion and the First Amendment / M. Stanton Evans -- The first freedom / Joseph A. Morris -- The law, the courts, and the Bible / W. Brevard Hand -- The separation of church and state / Thomas Molnar -- A Jewish perspective on the separation of church and state / Don Feder -- Church, state, and society in twenty-first century America: lessons that we can learn from Constatine the Great / Harold O.J. Brown -- Church and state in Western Europe / Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn -- Christianity and government in a secular society / Thomas J. Burke, Jr................. Vol. 5) Man and Marxism : religion and the communist retreat xii, 178 p. ; 23 cm. Contents: Reality, religion and the marxist retreat / Michael Bauman -- Toward a new liberation theology / Ronald H. Nash -- Debate: Faith and the free market: death-knell for liberation theology? / Phillip Berryman, Robert A. Sirico, Arthur F. McGovern, Richard M. Ebeling, discussants ; Vikke Vargas, moderator -- A new Liberation Theology for the world: faith and the free market / K. E. Grubbs -- More Ceausescus? continuing threats to religious freedom / David B. Funderburk -- From China to El Salvador to Romania: how religion is faring around the world / Edward E. Plowman -- Soviet Jews: new hope in the land of bondage? / Don Feder -- The untold story: religion's role in liberating Eastern Europe / E. Michael Jones -- The underground breaks free / V. Dale Smith -- Spreading the word of freedom / Richard W. Carlson -- Exit communism, cold war and the status quo / Jeane J. Kirkpatrick -- Word and deed: Russia's religious reform / Lawrence A. Uzzell................. Vol. 6) Man and creation : perspectives on science and theology vi, 306 pages ; 23 cm. Contents: God and creation : an historical look at encounters between Christianity and science / Mark A. Kalthoff -- The evolution of scientific creationism / Ronald L. Numbers -- Seven patterns for relating science and theology / Richard H. Bube -- Creation science and methodological naturalism / J.P. Moreland -- When faith and reason meet / Howard J. Van Till -- The star of Bethlehem : science of the ancients / Craig Chester -- What is Darwinism? / Phillip E. Johnson -- A biologist's approach to human nature / Richard Alexander -- 'Where in the world is God?' / Owen Gingerich -- Scientists who keep the faith / Donald B. Heckenlively -- Between Jerusalem and the laboratory : a theologian looks at science / Michael Bauman -- God and evolution : an exchange / Howard J. Van Till, Phillip E. Johnson -- Proffering some advice / Art Battson................. Vol 7.) Morality and the marketplace vi, 170 pages ; 23 cm. Contents: The dangerous Samaritans : how we unintentionally injure the poor / Michael Bauman -- Stewardship in a free society / E. Calvin Beisner -- The church and economics / Robert A. Sirico -- The hidden history of capitalism / Burton W. Folsom, Jr. -- Ethics and the marketplace / Thomas M. Nies -- God and the economy : is capitalism moral? / Doug Bandow -- The 'health care crisis' and the morality of capitalism / Charles D. Van Eaton -- The evangelical kaleidoscope : economics, politics, and social justice / Michael Cromartie -- Compassionate capitalism / Dick DeVos -- Recovering the original American vision / Peter Marshall -- The powerful and the powerless / Jim Wallis -- Radical evangelicals and the politics of compassion / K.L. Billingsley................. Vol. 8) God and man: perspectives on Christianity in the 20th century vi, 176 ; 23 cm. Contents: The chronicle of an undeception / Michael Bauman -- The moral foundations of society / Margaret Thatcher -- This unique moment / David F. Wells -- A time to stand : the Christian faith and the coming conflict of civilizations / Os Guinness -- The religious roots of freedom / M. Stanton Evans -- A new vision of man : how Christianity has changed the political economy / Michael Novak -- The ancient faith in the modern world / Peter E. Gillquist -- The great jubilee / Clark H. Pinnock -- Crossing Lessing's ditch / Michael Williams -- Reclaiming stolen property : the liberal church crisis and the young fogeys / Thomas C. Oden -- What if Jesus had never been born? / D. James Kennedy -- I believe / Michael Bauman.

Title: A Christian Vision Series (8 Volume Set) - Man in Society / Man and Morality / Man and Mind / Man and State / Man and Marxism / Man and Creation / Morality and the Marketplace / God and Man

Author Name: Editors-Michael Bauman, Lissa Roche, Thomas J. Burke,Lynne Morris; Forward-George Roche

Categories: Philosophy,

Publisher: Hillsdale College Press: 1995

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