Hypatia: Or New Foes With An Old Face [2 Volume Set]

By: Charles Kingsley; Illustrator-William Martin Johnson

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Clean In Text. No Marks.Light Wear On Covers With Light Soil And Rubbing Along Edges. A Fictionalised Account Of The Life Of The 2 Volume Set - CLEAN in text. No marks.Light wear on covers with light soil and rubbing along edges. ................................... It is a fictionalised account of the life of the philosopher Hypatia, and tells the story of a young monk called Philammon who travels to Alexandria, where he becomes mixed up in the political and religious battles of the day. Although intended as Christian apologia, the novel has a deliberate anti-Catholic tone, and it also reflects Kingsley's other prejudices about race and religion, many of which were typical to the 19th century. For many years the book was considered one of Kingsley's best novels and was widely read. The book was said to have been Queen Victoria's favourite novel by Kingsley. Pelagia and Philammon by Arthur Hacker The novel notably inspired the painting Hypatia by Charles William Mitchell (1885, Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle) which depicts Hypatia, naked, cowering against an altar, facing her (unseen) murderers. Another painting inspired by the novel was Arthur Hacker's Pelagia and Philammon (1887, Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool) which depicts a naked Pelagia dying, watched by a cloaked, hooded Philammon. In Kingsley's era criticism of the novel was directed at his negative portrayal of the church in Alexandria and of Cyril in particular. It was this aspect of the novel, as well as its alleged indecency, which thwarted an attempt to bestow an honorary degree at Oxford University on Kingsley in 1863. In addition, some readers were disappointed that Kingsley did not go further in villainising all creeds other than Christianity. The anti-Catholic theme of the novel naturally drew criticism from Catholic churchmen, and among the literary responses were novels by Cardinal Nicholas Wiseman, Fabiola (1854), and John Henry Newman, Callista (1855). In the modern era criticism of the novel has focused on its anti-Semitism as well as its racial prejudice. The book has been described as 'ferociously racist'. One review describes it as 'Christian apologia, [with] religious and ethnic bigotry in the form of anti-Semitism and anti-Catholicism', but nevertheless concludes that 'it is an unexpectedly involving novel, and is well worth searching out.' Another review criticises the novel for being 'difficult to follow with the myriad of unnecessary characters and their convoluted esoteric arguments', but concludes that 'Hypatia stands as an excellent example of fiction written for a specific purpose, as well as an impeccably researched novel that remains true to history.”

Title: Hypatia: Or New Foes With An Old Face [2 Volume Set]

Author Name: Charles Kingsley; Illustrator-William Martin Johnson

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Publisher: Harper & Brothers: 1895

ISBN Number: B000I1RI10

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Book Condition: Used - Very Good

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