Life and Learning XVII: Proceedings of the Seventeenth University Faculty for Life Conference at Villanova University, 2007

By: Koterski, Joseph W., (ed.)

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No marks or writing observed in the text. Spine uncreased - Appears unread . . . . . TABLE OF CONTENTS: * PART I: Bioethics & Medical Ethics: 1.) Bioethics, the Christian Citizen, and the Pluralist Game by Francis Beckwith -- 2.) The Doubling Undone? Double Effect in Recent Medical Ethics by J. L. A. Garcia ------ * PART II: Legal Perspectives: 3.) Surveying the Foundations of Medical Law: A Reassessment of Glanville Williams's The Sanctity of Life and the Criminal Law by John Keown and David Jones -- 4.) Response to Professors Keown and Jones by William L. Saunders, Jr. ------ * PART III: The Supreme Court and Abortion: 5.) The Implications of Gonzales v. Carhart (2007) by Richard S. Myers -- 6.) Gonzales v. Carhart: Abortion Law that Looks Like Family Law by Helen M. Alvare -- 7.) Contradictory Approaches to 'Standing' in Federal Courts for the Unborn and for Animal Species by C. Bermeo Newcombe ------ * PART IV: Culture of Life: 8.) Deep Ecology and the Culture of Death by Anne Barbeau Gardiner -- 9.) Denying the Ill Effects of Abortion by Marcella Colbert -- 10.) A Metaphysics of Love and Embodiment: Abortion as the Retroactive Destruction of the Spousal Act by Maria Fedoryka -- 11.) Freedom and the Dignity of the Poor: Against the Alien Abortion Agenda in Uganda by Jeffrey R. Adams and Karen K. Adams ------ * PART V: The Personhood Question: 12.) Construction, Development, and Revelopment by Richard Stith -- 13.) Natural Kinds, Persons, and Abortion by Laura Garcia -- 14.) Personhood, the Soul, and Non-Conscious Human Beings: Some Critical Reflections on Recent Forms of Argumentation within the Pro-Life Movement by Peter J. Colosi ------ * PART VI: Stem Cell Research: 15.) The Good News of Adult Stem Cell Research: Working Towards the Common Good by John F. Morris -- 16.) Altered Nuclear Transfer and the Status of the Human Person by Dolors J. Meehan -- 17.) The Moral Status of the Oocyte by Kimberly Zenarolla -- 18.) Altered Nuclear Reprogramming and Efficient Causality by E. Christian Brugger -- 19.) Questions in Medicine and Nursing Should Advanced Practice Nurses Perform Abortions? Debate in the Profession by Carolyn A Laabs -- 20.) The Influence of Religiosity on Contraceptive Use and Abortion in the United States by Richard J. Fehring and Jennifer Ohlendorf ------ * PART VII: Religious Liberty Questions: 21.) With Liberty and Justice for All? A National Perspective on the Escalating Threats to Religious Liberty Directed at Limiting the Impact of Church Ministries and the Pro-Life Movement by Marie T. Hilliard -- 23.) The Conscience of the Pharmacist by John J. Conley, S.J. ------ * PART VIII: Theological Perspectives: 24.) Reading the Signs of Death: A Theological Analysis by Grattan T. Brown -- 24.) Death, Life and the God Question by Gregory J. Coulter -- 25.) Liberal Societies and the Foundations of Human Dignity: The Dramatic Nature of Human Action by David L. Schindler, Sr -- 26.) The Human Embryo: The Person and the Gift by Brian V. Johnstone, C.SS.R. ------ * PART IX: Literary Perspectives: 27.) Emile Zola: Improbable Defender of Life by Mary Shivanandan -- 28.) Abortion and Emily Dickinson: Sex, Religion and Romanticism in the Marriage Group Poems by Bernadette Waterman Ward -- 29.) Abortion in Modern Arabic Literature by Jeff Koloze ------ * PART X: Political Perspectives: 30.) Winds of Change: Do Bush's Recent Supreme Court Appointees Mean the End of FACE? by Mattei Radu -- 31.) California's Proposition 85: Was It Pro-Life Suicide? by Damian P. Fedoryka -- 32.) Missouri 2006: A Perfect Storm - Post-Mortem on the Missouri Stem Cell and Cures Initiative by Christopher Anadale and Albert Bruecken, O.S.B. -- 33.) We're All Traditionalists Now: The Priority of Praxis to Theoria for the Culture War by Thaddeus J. Kozinski ------ * PART XI: Political Philosophy: 34.) John Locke and the Heart of Modern Gnosticism by Mark Shiffman -- 35.) Abortion, Prudence, and Solidarity by James G. Hanink -- 36.) Abortion and Evil by Roberta Bayer

Title: Life and Learning XVII: Proceedings of the Seventeenth University Faculty for Life Conference at Villanova University, 2007

Author Name: Koterski, Joseph W., (ed.)

ISBN Number: B001F6HDL2

Location Published: University Faculty for Life: 2008

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