Ohio Archaeological and Historical Publications (Volume II)

By: Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society; Editor-George W. Knight

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No marks or writing observed in text. Binding tight and square. Gently read. . . . . . . . . TOC: 1.) The Centennial Celebration at Marietta, April Seventh, 1888, -- 2.) Address of Welcome by Governor J. B. Foraker (Marietta Centennial) -- 3.) Oration of Hon. George F. Hoar (Marietta Centennial) -- 4.) Address of Hon. Rutherford B. Hayes (Marietta Centennial) -- 5.) The German Pioneers: Address by Bernard Peters (Marietta Centennial) -- 6.) Oration of Hon. John Randolph Tucker, LL.D. (Marietta Centennial) -- 7.) Letter of Hon. George B. Loring Read at the Celebration by R. R. Dawes (Marietta Centennial) -- 8.) Remarks of Hon. Samuel F. Hunt (Marietta Centennial) -- 9.) Address of Rev. Edward Everett Hale (Marietta Centennial) -- 10.) Address of Henry M. Storrs, D.D., Delivered Sunday Afternoon, April Eighth (Marietta Centennial) -- 11.) Address of Rev. A. L. Chapin, D. D. (Marietta Centennial) -- 12.) Address of Joseph F. Tuttle, D.D. (Marietta Centennial) -- 13.) Remarks of I. N. Sturtevant, D. D. (Marietta Centennial) -- 14.) Remarks of Edward Everett Hale, D.D. (Marietta Centennial) -- 15.) Remarks of Rev. B. W. Arnett, D.D. (Marietta Centennial) -- 16.) Annual Address of President F. C. Sessions (Marietta Centennial) -- 17.) Address of Judge Joseph Cox: The Building of the State (Marietta Centennial) -- 18.) Why is Ohio Called the Buckeye State?, by William M. Farrar (Marietta Centennial) -- 19.) Commodore Abraham Whipple (Marietta Centennial) by David Fisher -- 20.) A Familiar Talk About Monarchists and Jacobins (Marietta Centennial) by William Henry Smith -- 21.) The Triumph of Liberty: 1788-1888 (Marietta Centennial) by R. K. Shaw -- 22.) John Gray, Washington's Last Soldier (Marietta Centennial) by Private Dalzell -- 23.) The Memorial Structure at Marietta: Report of a Committee of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, Made April 6, 1888 (Marietta Centennial) -- 24.) Communications Relating to the Celebration (Marietta Centennial) -- 25.) Relic Department of the Centennial (Marietta Centennial) -- 26.) Israel Ward Andres, D.D., LL.D., Memorial Address Before the Ohio Archaeological Historical Society, Delivered at Marietta, June 26, 1888, by William P. Cutler -- 27.) Three Important Documents Relating to Western Land Cessions, by B. A. Hinsdale -- 28.) The First Church Organization in the Oldest Settlement in the North-West Territory, by C. E. Dickinson -- 29.) William Davis Gallagher, by W. H. Venable -- 30.) Early History of the Republican Party in Ohio, by Henry B. Carrington -- 31.) Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. Proceedings April 5th and 6th, 1888, -- 32.) The Ohio Boundary, or the Erie War byL. G. Addison -- 33.) The Right of Discovery B. A. Hinsdale, Ph.D. -- 34.) Some Popular Errors in Regard to Mound Builders and Indians by Gerard Fowke -- 35.) The Preservation of Documents by A. A. Graham -- 36.) Nullification in Ohio by Daniel J. Ryan -- 37.) A Documentary History of Ohio by A. A. Graham -- 38.) Some Recollections of Historic Travel Over New York, New Jersey, Virginia and Ohio, In the Seven Years from 1840-1847 by Henry Howe -- 39.) The Sale of the Western Reserve by B. A. Hinsdale -- 40.) Down South Before the War by W. H. Venable -- 41.) The Manufacture and Use of Aboriginal Stone Implements by Gerard Fowke -- 42.) A Detailed Account of Mound Opening by W. K. Moorehead -- 43.) The Department of History and Archaeology in the Ohio Centennial at Columbus, September 4 to October 19, 1888 by A. A. Graham -- 44.) Annual Address of F. C. Sessions, President of the Society

Title: Ohio Archaeological and Historical Publications (Volume II)

Author Name: Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society; Editor-George W. Knight

Categories: American History,

Publisher: Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society: 1900

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